How to Manage All Your Responsibilities

In today’s busy world, it’s so easy to be overwhelmed with everything. Work, life, family and other responsibilities can take up almost all your time and drain your stamina. If left unchecked, these can lead to missed opportunities, domestic troubles and failed goals.

The key to avoiding these is effective time management. Here are a few ways to be better at doing so:

Plan Your Every Day

The best way to stay organized is to make a plan, then follow it. By creating a to-do-list before starting your work day, you can easily structure your tasks by importance and urgency.

Of course, a few unexpected things may pop up and affect your scheduled tasks. That’s alright, as you can adjust your to-do-list as the day progresses. Just transfer any non-urgent unfinished business to the next day if possible.

Schedule a “Do Not Disturb” Block of Time

Interruptions are the enemy of productivity. Constant emails and notifications break your focus and prevent you from going into a highly effective “flow” state.

To avoid this, schedule a “do not disturb” block of time where you disconnect from these channels of communication so you can focus on highly important / time-bound tasks.

These sessions can be an hour or two long, and should preferably be done in the morning, before everyone’s online. You can also use this uninterrupted time for more personal matters, such as playing with your kid, working on your hobbies or doing chores with your partner.

Utilize Time Management Tools

While technology may be the cause of your time-management troubles, it can also be the solution to it.

Looking to organize important documents? Then Google Drive and Dropbox are your friends.

Having trouble working remotely? There are plenty of apps you can use to create structure to your workday, such as Slack and

These project management platforms help you and your team have more efficient communication. They keep you on the same page, aligned on expectations, and updated on the latest developments.

Understand You’re Only Human

As much as you want to give your all to your endeavors all the time, it’s simply not possible. There is only a certain amount of stamina and willpower you can expend before you burn out. Remember, rest is just as important to your overall efficiency. Having a good night’s sleep is what allows you to keep going hard, day in and day out.

And to further optimize your day-to-day effectiveness, take the multivitamin that’s made for ambitious, hard-working men like you: Rogin-E.

Rogin-E is packed with stamina-boosting multivitamins and minerals, including Korean Panax Ginseng and Vitamin E. It also contains Deanol for improved concentration and mental stamina. 9 out of 10 Rogin-E users have reported that this multivitamin helps them have more focus and stamina.*

Juggling many responsibilities is an inevitable part of being a highly successful man. But with the right planning, clever management tools and good nutrition, you’ll always be able to meet them. Just take it one day at a time, like everyone else does.

* Rogin-E Real-World Study in the Philippines, Consumer Satisfaction Survey, IQVIA Consumer Health, 2019