How to Build the Stamina to Work from Home Effectively

It’s been almost a year since we’ve had to leave our offices. Given the length of time working from home, it’s normal to experience burnout, which can have a noticeable effect on your stamina.

So how do we keep excelling at work amidst back-to back video calls, a mountain of emails and instant messages to answer, other people in the house, and your video games calling out to you from your mancave?

How do you maintain your stamina to give your best — at work and at life?

Stick to a schedule

You used to wake up at this time, be out the door by this time, and be home by this time. Similarly, try to create a work-from-home schedule that allows you to meet all your deadlines while still leaving quality time for yourself and family. Allot about thirty minutes to collect your thoughts and give yourself a boost at the start of the day.

Take lunch and coffee breaks like you would in the office, and if possible, end your work around the same time each day (and let your colleagues know about this, so they don’t send you messages past your self-imposed work hours).

Create a space

Dedicate a specific area (or create one) for your eight to nine solid hours of work. If you’re living with family or flatmates, ensure that they know not to disturb you when you’re working in that particular space during your office hours. By doing so, not only can you concentrate better and finish all tasks at hand, but surpass expectations.

Workout from home

In order to give your absolute best while working, we recommend starting or ending the day with a workout. Regular exercise not only keeps you physically healthy and fit, but there are also many benefits to one’s mental and emotional health as well. It helps manage stress, improve memory, and calibrate your circadian rhythm so you sleep better, and boost your mood.

Go easy on yourself

Some days are good, and some just aren’t, no matter how hard you try to psych yourself up. And that’s okay. Almost overnight, most industries have had to shift the way we work from something we’d been accustomed to, to something completely unfamiliar — in the midst of a pandemic, at that. So if you’re having a hard time concentrating, or don’t feel particularly motivated on a certain day, realize that this is normal and that you’re not the only one feeling this way.

Start the day with Rogin-E

Nine out of 10 users of Rogin-E have said that they are more focused, and have more vigor and stamina throughout the day*. The Deanol found in Rogin-E can help you improve your concentration and mental stamina, which, in turn, boosts productivity.
In this pandemic, most of the time, things will be beyond our control. But what’s important is to keep doing our part, and keep working effectively even in isolation. As they say, tough times don’t last, but tough people do.

* Rogin-E Real-World Study in the Philippines, Consumer Satisfaction Survey, IQVIA Consumer Health, 2019