Exercises That Help Boost Stamina While Getting You Ripped

There’s no better time than the present to work on getting ripped; who doesn’t want to look good, especially in the eyes of your partner, right?

And newsflash: this doesn’t necessarily mean investing in multi-function steel home gym equipment. Free apps like the Nike Training Club, and YouTube channels like NateBowerFitness or HASFit exist for a reason.

So throw your excuses out the front door, and let’s start working out.

Push-up Variations

Start off with the regular push-up, but perfect your form first. Once you have the form down pat, then you can progress to other variations and challenge yourself: wide-grip, close-grip, diamond, pike, and clap are just a few out of possibly hundreds of variations out there.


This particular workout is included in almost every HIIT, CrossFit, or circuit training WoD for a good reason. Being a total body workout, a combination of strength, plyometrics, and conditioning, it is the very definition of quaran-toned.

Plank Variations

There’s nothing quite like a plank to make you question the concept of time. How can 60 seconds feel like a lifetime? Gravity, that’s how. But hey, whatever it takes to get that rock-hard core, right?

Body Squats

This classic exercise tones your quads, hamstrings, calves, abs, lower back, and glutes. Tired of doing bodyweight squats but you don’t have gym equipment at home? Squat with water bottles, bottles of cooking oil, or prop a foot against your coach for Bulgarian Split Squats. There are plenty of variations to this basic motion, so challenge yourself with them.

Tricep Dips

The lower you go, the harder it gets. Start off with a desk, then work your way down to a chair, or even a low stool. Not only does this move strengthen the triceps, as the name suggests, but it can also give you thicker shoulders and pecs.

In order to truly develop the right kind of gains and to stay healthy, don’t forget to complement these workouts with the right diet and multivitamins.

Rogin-E contains Vitamin E for youthful vitality and stamina. In fact, 8 out of 10 users say it helps them feel physically and sexually attractive*. And who wouldn’t want that?

So accept the challenge of getting ripped, even beyond this quarantine period! Because when the beaches open up again, you’d surely want to look your best.

* Rogin-E Real-World Study in the Philippines, Consumer Satisfaction Survey, IQVIA Consumer Health, 2019