The Q’s Of Any Relationship: Is It All About Quality or Quantity?

You’ve probably heard it before, or even discussed it with friends or your better half.
When it comes to relationships, what matters more: quality or quantity?
The more obvious choice is quality, especially if you take a look at your contacts on social media. How many of the possibly hundreds or thousands of them are you actually close to?
But you could also argue that quantity matters just as much. How do you explain to your four-year-old that you will give him your undivided attention while playing with his dinosaur set for only 30 minutes, as opposed to little chunks of time throughout the day where he gets to sit beside you, eat with you, and even watch you as you work?
Perhaps it’s not so much a battle of quality over quantity, but to make those quantity moments quality ones; ensuring that your relationships, the ones you deem important, will be richer, healthier, and stronger.

Try New Things Together

Whether your partner wants to try a new recipe, your child wants to read a new book, or your friends want to do a virtual workout together, give it a go, even if it's only for 15 or 30 minutes. Showing that you’re interested in what they’re interested in, as it gives them confidence and allows you to take your relationship to another level.

Go Gadget-Free

Netflix-ing together is always lots of fun, but how about trading those 30 minutes of your favorite show for a solid catch-up conversation with your partner, or helping your daughter make a dollhouse? Giving your loved ones your undivided attention, no matter how long or short your time together is, shows you value your relationships as it is time you’ll never get back.

Be Creative

You’re working from home and your partner is quarantined elsewhere? Why not cook together via a video call? You have a few minutes between your lunch break and your next meeting? Why not tuck your kids in and invent a story for them right before their afternoon nap? Time is precious, and the few-and-far-between ones that you have call for serious creativity.
To give you the stamina you need for quality-and-quantity game, there’s Rogin-E. 87% of users highly agree that Rogin-E helps them with their social well-being*.
Have the stamina and the drive to keep not just yourself healthy, but your relationships as well. Time is precious after all. So make the most of it!

* Rogin-E Real-World Study in the Philippines, Consumer Satisfaction Survey, IQVIA Consumer Health, 2019