Keeping a Relationship Boredom-Proof

Maybe you’re in a new relationship.

Or maybe you’re newly married and still in the honeymoon stage.

In either case, though, you’re well aware that at some point, the excitement somehow wanes and settles into a comfortable kind of companionship mixed with a deep friendship.

But just because you’ve spent, or will spend, many years together, it doesn’t mean your relationship has to be boring.

As the man in charge of your relationship, here are many ways to spice it up. Here are just a few of them.

1) Don’t settle for same old, same old

The first trap that many couples fall into is routine. Don’t give in. Surprise your partner with a date in the middle of the week; even in the middle of a pandemic, arrange for their favorite food to be delivered at home and arrange the table settings. Remember: predictability can be your relationship’s biggest enemy.

2) Talk it out

You’ve probably heard this before, and it’s true: your partner is not a mind reader. If you have something that’s keeping you anxious, or you have an idea that you’d like to try, bring it up. This goes for any kind of conflict; the sooner you can get over your issues, the quicker you can get back to a harmonious relationship.

3) Try new things

Cook a new dish together, watch a new series together, or try the same virtual workout. This also goes for being adventurous in other areas of intimacy. The more things you try together, the more excitement you bring to your relationship.

4) Appreciate your partner

Again, your partner is not a mind reader. If you’re thankful for something they’ve said or done, tell them. Don’t be afraid to lavish them with praise, affection, and constant touch. The more they feel appreciated, the more they’ll want to stay connected to you and excited for what’s to come.

5) Understand their Love Language

The way your partner may want to receive or give love may be entirely different from yours. If you haven’t discovered what each other's is, you could try taking a quiz like this one to determine what they are, so you can better meet each other’s needs.

It goes without saying that the ultimate way to maintain a healthy relationship is to feel fulfilled on a social, and more importantly, sexual level. Not only do Rogin-E users say they feel more physically and sexually attractive*, but the combination of Korean Panax Ginseng and Vitamin E can boost your strength and stamina to meet your sexual needs.

Keep your relationship boredom-proof and exciting — and maybe take things to an even spicier level.

* Rogin-E Real-World Study in the Philippines, Consumer Satisfaction Survey, IQVIA Consumer Health, 2019