Maintaining Strong Relationships In These Socially-Distanced Times

Raise your hand if you’ve been in at least one video call throughout the quarantine.

Chances are, unless you have dial-up Internet access, live under a rock or on Mars, or give a new meaning to the word “introvert”, you have engaged in some kind of video call these past few months.

But how can you keep these connections exciting? How can you look forward to them, instead of becoming bored of, and even dreading them?

It’s completely up to you to step up to the plate and take charge.

Here are some ideas to spice up your next Zoom, Messenger, or MS Teams call.

Stream Together

Finally, the next season of your favorite series drops tonight. Why not gather a bunch of friends and watch the same episode at the same time, while on your separate devices? That way, you can react to a plot twist in real life, and discuss whether the ending sucked or didn’t. You can even have post-episode guessing games where you try to predict what will happen next.

Study Together

If you’re interested to learn about an industry completely different from the one you’re in, or an important life skill like investing, now’s the time. There are many webinars on various subjects online for free. Invite some of your friends who share similar interests and sign up for webinars together. If virtual classes aren’t your thing, then consider downloading apps on your subject of interest and discuss what you’ve learned in your next video call.

Workout Together

Gather some friends or your partner and sign up for the same group workout classes. That way you can sweat together, even while physically apart, and cheer each other on through the next set of burpees and jumping lunges. This also helps you keep each other accountable, while also bringing back that social aspect that you used to enjoy at the gym.

Celebrate Together

Your friend got a job in the middle of a pandemic? Or maybe someone has a birthday? There’s nothing stopping you from sending food and drinks over to their house and still celebrating together via video call.

Geek Out Together

Visit your girlfriend’s island in Animal Crossing, race your friends in Mario Kart, or host quiz nights via Kahoot. Make catch-up nights with family or friends exciting by allotting a part of your call for playing something together.

Now that tiled photos of family or friends are the new selfies, it’s important to stay on top of meaningful connections.

To help you do that, there’s Rogin-E. Not only does it help you out physically and mentally in terms of stamina, but it also boosts you socially. 87% of users have found it helpful in terms of the social aspect of their lives*.

So, what awaits your next video call? It’s entirely your call.

* Rogin-E Real-World Study in the Philippines, Consumer Satisfaction Survey, IQVIA Consumer Health, 2019